Posted by: izeng | May 31, 2009

dibangunin malaikat

Alhamdulillah akhirnya dapat rumah. Ya, dengan beasiswa yang tidak besar, mencari rumah di negeri kincir angin cukup sulit karena mereka terkadang ‘saklek’ sama aturan. Bila mengikuti aturan, harusnya hanya akan dapat kamar. Kalau dipikir-pikir, seakan ga mungkin dapat. Sudah tiga bulan mencari kesana-kemari, mulai dari makelar komersil sampai sosial, mendatangi lebih dari sepuluh makelar, daftar sana-sini, telepon dan juga nanya-nanya sama orang. Ternyata ‘pintu’ itu terbuka dari arah yang tidak disangka-sangka.

Hari ini tidak banyak yang sempat dilakukan, setelah kemarin bersepeda keliling kota seharian bila dijumlahkan lebih dari 33 kilo. Dan setelah baru bisa tidur sekitar jam 1 malam, bangunnya kembali kesiangan. Akhirnya tadi setelah chatting dengan istri tercinta, dan melihat dua ‘angels’ yang nongol sebentar di layar komputer, makan dan juga mencuci, akhirnya jalan mencari tempat-tempat kemungkinan mendapatkan barang second-hand, termasuk toko-toko yang mungkin menjadi ‘sumber’ barang.

Sampai rumah sudah malam (walaupun masih terang), ternyata nunggu maghrib masih lama. Tidak terasa mata sudah pengen memejam. Laptop diistirahatkan dulu dari pencarian barang, dan ‘ngarengkol’.
Eh, tiba-tiba dibangunin dan ingat belum maghrib. Waktu menunjukkan hampir isya. Jadi setelah maghrib, tunggu sebentar, langsung isya. Sebenernya kalau boleh diinget-inget, sepertinya hal ini sering terjadi. Maksudnya terbangun tiba-tiba. Tapi biasanya kembali tidur. Padahal sepertinya malaikat nih yang ngebangunin, tapi dasar manusia lebih senang ‘ngarengkol’. Pengennya sih nunggu sampai subuh, sekitar 2 jam lagi, tapi bingung mau ngapain. Mau ngeweb juga udah bosen. Mau baca, ga semangat. Mata udah berat. Besok kayaknya mau bersiin rumah. Harus save energy…. ah.. kayaknya bobo lagi. Kang Malaikat, tolong bangunin subuh ya, jangan terlalu awal tapi jangan telat ya :D.

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rambling about stuff

lets try to write….

Some while ago I uninstalled the flock that i used to post the last writing. I have installed three browser in the laptop, Firefox, Safari and Flock; and four in the office with the addition of Chrome. But somehow I keep going back to Firefox. I works well with my habit, with sites that I visit regularly. Safari sometime gives error, especially with Googletalk/chat and cannot slow video. While flock is too social. It is built with more of social networking in mind, with special feature integration to Facebook, Flicker, and others that are considered essential for social networking; including blogging. Chrome, well, it simply not available in Mac. But most of all, the other three does not offers the add-ons that i have gotten used to.

At first I was going to write about the time here. Well, not the ordinary time of hour and minutes. But more related to the sun and praying times. Being in northern part of the globe has once again showed the wide range of praying times. With spending most of my life in the tropic, especially near the equator, the praying times which is related to the sun position does not vary too much. As I recall, Maghrib is within the range of 5.45 to 6.30 (if i’m not mistaken). We always can relate these times to the length of the day.

But now, being in Groningen, which I think is much higher latitude of Syracuse, the praying times are becoming more ‘wild’. And this is not summer yet, but Maghrib have touched 21.50, while Isya is 23.43. And Subuh is 03.28. Have to find a better strategy to not ‘skip’ the prayers.

Hmmm… it’s time to have my maghrib prayers.
See you later, my dear blog.

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Blogging… do I?

It’s been a long time since i write.

I had plans for writing a lot of things. About life and journeys, on what I found in Netherlands, bits of this and that of biotechnology… and some other things. However, those plans have not yet come to realize. Although my fingers would prefer typing than writing with pens or pencils, but i’d still like to express things by mapping ideas that come into mind. Tony Buzan, yet better, eNur had made great impact on this habit. By him, i got acquainted with mind mapping through the book of …. (which i forgot the title) that talk about quantum learning. The book was given by Oman, a friend of his.

Two days ago i just realized that I need to express my thoughts in order to sort it out.
I carry on a project that is quite technical, not to mention a new field for me. Reading journals and figuring out notes had become a routine in the last week. Sitting on the corner of my office just to figure out what is it all about, and how to do things. And somehow, when I found something, I would try to discuss it with the people in the room. It is either trying to ask for a consideration, or just to make sure of something – sorting out whats in my head.

Just before I left, my wife bought a nice yellow book with a rubber strip on it. I have imagined myself writing my thoughts and experiences on that book – which is still in my head. With a computer and a dedicated connection, I still not write. I even not map my thoughts. Is it information overflow? experience overflow? things-to-sort-out overflow? Might be… might be not (heheheh).

However, with all the commotion and condition, i need to sort ot the things on my head. Would blogging do? would it help? I don’t know. I guess I have to find it out.

[it is late at night; yet, I still write with the companion of songs from youtube; and trying to post to my blog with flock]

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Posted by: izeng | November 20, 2008

[Deepest Sender] Mole-lift

This is my first try to post by Deepest Sender. I don’t know what it would look like. But I hope it’ll do fine.

Well, today I have my ‘mole’ on my right-side of face lifted. Why? because it’s been growing bigger for a long time and sometime it goes so itchy that i want to scratch it off my face. When I wen to the doctor this morning in Santosa Hospital, she said this is a kind of tumor on the surface of the skin and needed to be removed. First, she said that it would take about 1 to 2 hours, small operation involving stitching. Fortunately, today was the last day of ‘an event that i forgot it’s name’ that give discount or free treatment. And I was using an insurance (baca: askes).

And another fortunate of me, the doctor’s professor was visiting Indonesia and had a look at me, and he said…. it’ll take only 3 minutes to lift it. With no surgery at all, but local anesthesia. On the other hand, I also asked the officer in the hospital that said that the insurance that I was on will cover the procedure of the doctor (which is about 500 thousands rupiahs, if it does not involving laser-ing); and would surely covers the procedure that will be conducted by the ‘professor’.

So after doing some administration procedure that assuring it would be covered by the insurance, I went back to the doctor who then led me to a room in emergency section where I was told to lay down. There was the professor, from US, waiting with three woman that I believed are doctors that are doing workshop with the professor because they were photographing my ‘mole’. After a shot of local anesthesia, the professor ‘scraped’ my mole then applied aluminium chloride (i believed, since i saw the label) to ‘burn’ my wound and stop it from bleeding. Then my wound was covered by a little cutted-bandaged. It was only not more than 5 minutes. And I was back on my way.

Then after signing several papers, stating that I was on insurance, I left the payment booth without having to pay anything. And it was the same at the pharmacy too, where i was given an oitment, a pain killer (which i don’t know what for, since it is not too painfull rather itchy-like, and an antibiotik, amoxixylin to be exact). Good thing for insurance. Good thing for the professor, otherwise I’ll have to put up with minor surgery, several stitches and maya a ‘bill’.

I don’t know what it’ll look like after it healed. But i hope it will be oke.